Training and Competition Videos

Highlights from training and competition!

Shooting on the move is fun!

Short windows to fire an accurate shot!

Pistol Shooting Solutions Technical Skills Testing drills!

Pistol Shooting Solutions Technical Skills Testing drills shot on the move!

This took a few tries – the Hackathorn Headshot Standards…at 25 yards!

Got to really put shooting on the move to work on Stage 4 of this local USPSA match!

USPSA Columbia-Cascade Section Championship 2016

USPSA Oregon State Championship 2016

USPSA Area 1 Championship 2016

Do you ever wonder when during your draw you put your finger on the trigger?  I used a high speed camera to find out.

Do you ever wonder where exactly your gun is pointed while you draw and holster?  I did this experiment with a SIRT to find out.  Watch for the laser…